Brett van Zuiden

I like building all sorts of things, mostly to play around with concepts I think are interesting or solve some small need.


View from the treehouse My dad and I built a treehouse on my parent’s property during my sabbatical. Read more ›

Internet Radio

Old ratio without case I put a computer in a vintage vacuum-tube radio to combine modern streaming with the sound and feel of listening to the radio in the 1930s. Read more ›


I put a computer and an RFID reader inside of a battery powered speaker. The result is a portable, programmable, internet-connected music box with a uniquely physical interface. Read more ›

Exploring Epicycles

Some random musings on gears led me down the path of exploring epicycles, the math behind them, and whether they could be used to draw arbitrary shapes. I wrote up my findings and put them together into an interactive demo. Read more ›

Uber Button

I took a Staples Easy Button, gutted it and put an Electric Imp inside of it so that I could press a big red button and call an uber to my house. Read more ›

Personal Dashboard

I wasn't thrilled with the preset capabilities of the Wink Nimbus, so I wrangled a few APIs together to get a glanceable view of local transit, the weather, and my finances. The code is available on github. Read more ›