A picture of me

Hi, my name is Brett van Zuiden.
I am a maker, a hobbyist, and an optimist.
I live in Oakland.


  • PM Lead at Clever
  • Founding CEO of Filepicker.io
  • Studied EECS, Math, and Mechanical Engineering at MIT
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  • Common patterns for organizing PED teams

    As product+engineering+design (PED) teams grow from 2 to 15+ people, they tend to face similar challenges and adopt similar structures and processes to support their growth. By outlining some of the best practices I’ve seen for teams of different sizes, I hope this post helps others stay ahead of challenges and identify strategies for dealing with growth.

  • Time, cost, quality: chose 2

    Time, cost, quality - for any project you can specify hard constraints on at most two of these factors; where the third ends up will depend on luck and skill.

  • Awareness, Successful usage, and Outcomes: An opinionated framework for project metrics

    Before starting on a new project, teams should write down target metrics that they expect to hit if the project is successful. A helpful format is to measure and set goals around the following three metrics: are people aware of the project, are they using it as expected, and is it producing business outcomes.

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  • UpNext

    A glanceable ePaper calendar for your desk

  • Internet Radio

    Streaming music through a vintage 1930's radio

  • SoundByte

    A speaker with a computer inside and a uniquely physical interface

  • Uber Button

    Summon a car with a big red button.

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