A picture of me

Hi, my name is Brett van Zuiden.
I am a maker, a hobbyist, and an optimist.
I live in San Francisco.


  • Product Manager at Clever
  • Founding CEO of Filepicker.io
  • Studied EECS, Math, and Mechanical Engineering at MIT
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  • Reviews: Identify issues instead of providing solutions

    Giving positive feedback is easy; it’s much trickier to provide critical feedback in a way that improves the end result without diminishing the sense of ownership of the person working on it. In situations with designers, engineers, and direct reports, I’ve found one technique that works well is to focus on identifying issues rather than offering solutions.

  • Strong Opinions, Weakly Held

    Express your ideas with conviction, but be willing to drop them and adopt better ideas as they come along. The best leaders and organizations are those that are pragmatic. Here at Filepicker.io, we say "Strong Opinions, Weakly Held" – a concise and effective way of encouraging active debate and the meritocracy of ideas.

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