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New & Improved

Posted on Aug 16, 2009

So on two very related notes, I both finished tweaking some aspects of this website that were really bugging me (especially ajax-history on the projects page), as well as added my first programming tidbit (on implementing ajax-history). Its not very elegant, but unfortunately modern browsers just really don't provide the necessary functionality to make it pretty. See the tidbits page for more info.

Oh and I'm starting school soon. Back to Boston!

I made this site!

Posted on July 12, 2009

I finally got around to making a decent website! Due to a variety of factors (primarily an unwillingness to allocate time to it), I had always left my default webpages (for things like our MIT personal accounts, etc.) to rot in non-css'ed html-ness. A terrible place, I assure you.

As for my plans for this site: Hopefully it will be a relatively up-to-date location for news about me, projects I'm working on, and other various pieces of information that the whole world (ah humility..) deserves to see. Also, I'd like to get some php up and running so that I won't have to just hardcode in these entries.

Well, that's it for now. Check back soon for more updates