A picture of me

Hi, my name is Brett van Zuiden.
I am a maker, a hobbyist, and an optimist.
I live in Oakland.


  • PM Lead at Clever
  • Founding CEO of Filepicker.io
  • Studied EECS, Math, and Mechanical Engineering at MIT
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  • Managing product requests from customer-facing teams: top 2 things

    Customer-facing teams are inundated with feedback from customers, and in turn tend to inundate product managers with far more requests than can be prioritized. A simple technique to maintain a reasonable backlog while making customer-facing teams feel empowered is to ask each team to identify and advocate for their top two, and only two, product requests.

  • Finding product ideas in new customer expecations

    One of the best ways to improve your product is to ask your newest customers what they think your product does, and then make it a reality.

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